Oktoberfest Giving

Oktoberfest Giving is a magical moment in DeKalb. This is the wonderful occasion when the Oktoberfest Committee distributes donation checks to various organizations in DeKalb, TX. Below are some of the organizations.

The Oktoberfest Committee Gives Back to local community organizations that helped organize and participate in the event this year. This was the second round of donations made by this organization this year. They also finalized the donations by giving back to other organizations that greatly benefit the entire community, with the largest of donations benefiting the Williams House Museum. The committee would like to: Thank all those that helped make the event a success. We are looking forward to next year. This round of donations included checks being given to: The Williams House Museum, DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, Old DeKalb Cemetery, DeKalb Hope, Hubbard ISD, DeKalb Youth Sports Association, DeKalb High School Athletic Booster Club, Bowie County Child Protective Services and the DeKalb 4H Club.