Business Spotlight

Business Spotlight is when we feature a business that has been a supportive member of our DeKalb TX Chamber of Commerce. Remember - Shop local and support our own.

These Business Spotlights will be a random business feature.

Bowie Co Tribune

Bowie County Citizens Tribune, 139 NE Front St., New Boston, Texas 75570 has been serving the Bowie Co, Texas area since 1895!! They always go out of the way to be sure all the news is covered. Under the leadership of Publisher Kenny Mitchell, they are really getting the word out as much as possible. Any event we have as a Chamber or community event is always covered very well for us and really helps keep our members and local citizens informed.

Their Business Facebook Page always has the latest news so everyone can keep up with all current events that happen within our Bowie County Area. Some publishers would wait and keep all the news for their weekly edition. Not the Bowie County Citizens Tribune! They've realized that keeping people informed - either by their weekly edition or daily Facebook posts, is a win for all of us and their publication!!

Special thanks to Kenny Mitchell and the Bowie County Citizens Tribune for always being there!

Barrett's Grocery

Barrett's Grocery, 123 Runnells St., DeKalb, Tx 75559 has been at the same location since the 1940's!! Randy Barrett is the second generation owner of this store and a great supporter of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce. His family started this store with an amazing amount of grocery's, meats, vegetables and household supplies. It was the only real grocery store in DeKalb and  the surrounding area. We would like to pay tribute to this gentlemen who has always been there for our community and certainly the Chamber of Commerce.

It is with great sadness to report Randy is closing his doors at the end of this year. It has been an incredible journey for him and all of DeKalb, but the time has come. The DeKalb Chamber wants to pay final tribute to this awesome man and store within DeKalb one last time - We salute you Randy Barrett!! Best of luck as you pursue your hobbies and enjoy life!